How much would I have to pay for an MRI if I have insurance?

If you have insurance and you need an MRI, your health insurance policy should be required to cover it and you will not have to pay. There may be some exceptions in which you may be required to pay for an MRI. First if you have a policy that covers only what it is called “catastrophic” expenses, like emergencies and life threatening situations. These type of insurance policies do not cover any additional health benefits and that may be the reason why you are required to pay for your MRI.
Another reason why your health insurance will not pay for an MRI is because, in order to go for a MRI you need to have a referral from you General Practitioner and the referral needs to be previously approved by the Insurance company. Without it, you are responsible for the costs. So before you go for Magnetic Resonance Imaging just contact your health insurance provider to make sure of the rules of regulations connected with MRI’s.

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