After a break in at my house, does an insurance adjuster need to come to my house?

Yes, if your house has been broken into expect or request that a claims adjuster stop by. If this is a small claim, they may not come to your home. Once you’ve filed a complaint with the police you may want to fax it directly to your home owner’s insurance agent. Depending on how much damage there is or how many things are missing, depends on how much you should claim for damage. If you over estimated it may be called fraud. Give the true value of things in your home and be ready to defend them, with receipts or proof of payment. Having an adjuster come to your home can be a good thing! You’ll want their help down the road. This should not affect your cost of home owners insurance. Your premium should not go up. You should not have to pay a deductible. Make your agent your new best friend, and you will be able to file even the smallest of claims with no problem.

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